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HIT rental of Switzerland offers attractive vacation rentals and business properties in Switzerland. Whether it's Zurich, Zug or Lucerne - We make sure you feel at home.

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Locations of our Apartments in Zurich


Our furnished “Letzigrund” business apartments and holiday flats are characterized by their excellent location. The vacation and business rentals are situated at the Hohlstrasse 413 in the heart of Zurich 9th district (“Kreis 9”) called “Zürich Altstetten” close to the Letzigrund stadium, where many stars such as Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Coldplay or Beyoncé had their concerts in Switzerland. Furthermore, the annually Diamond League Meeting (“Weltklasse Zürich”) is held there and features the likes of Usain Bolt.

Just outside the buildings of our furnished holiday and business flats is the “SBB-Werkstätte” bus station, which guarantees you excellent connections to both the railway station Zurich Altstetten (5 min from the flats) and Zurich’s main station (“Haupt-bahnof”). The former offers you great connections to Zurich Oerlikon, where many big companies – e.g. Credit Suisse, Mondelez, UBS etc. – have their office buildings. Also there are several connections from this station to the airport, which you can reach within 10 minutes by train. The latter (“Hauptbahnhof”) is the heart of Zurich and the biggest and most important railway station in Switzerland. From the “Hauptbahnhof”, which is only 15 min by bus from the furnished flats, you have several connections to every major city in Switzerland (e.g. Lucerne, Geneva, Interlaken) to the Alps and other European cities such as Hamburg, Paris or Milano. Interlaken, Basel, Berne and Lucerne are reach-able in just one hour by train and even Paris can be reached in only four hours. In short, Zurich is an excellent base to explore the rest of Switzerland and even Europe.

One specialty of Zurich is its excellent public transportation system, which is mainly running with city trains (“Trams”), regular trains (“S-Bahn”) and busses. Most of the sta-tions are served at a 5-10 minute interval throughout the day. In short, public transporta-tion is the best way to get around from the holiday and business rentals from, to and in the city.

Furthermore basically all of Zurich’s sightseeing highlights are within walking distance from main station. It doesn’t matter if you want to go shopping and stroll along the fa-mous “Bahnhofstrasse” (Switzerland’s most expensive street) with its high end brand shops (Burberry, Gucci etc.) or if you want to be impressed by the architecture of Zur-ich’s old town – the “Niederdorf” (see section “Niederdorf/Schmidgasse”). There you find winding alleys and houses which where built hundreds of years ago. Both ways will eventually lead you to the sparkling blue waters of Lake Zurich. There you can sit by the lakeside in the middle of Switzerland’s most vibrant city and on a good day you’ll be able to see the Alps while enjoying a fresh homemade ice cream.

In short, with the furnished HITrental Letzigrund holiday and business apartments you’ll have the perfect starting point to explore Zurich as well as Switzerland!

Niederdorf & Schmidgasse

Zurich’s charming old town called the “Niederdorf” is world famous. On the one hand for its middle age architecture and on the other for its culinary highlights. HITrental of-fers its guests two locations with furnished holiday and business rentals in this fascinating environment: at the Niederdorfstrasse 41 and Schmidgasse 4. Both of the buildings are a couple of hundred years old and give you the unique opportunity to experience the archi-tecture of the Middle Age combined with modern comfort. This means our holiday and business apartments offer you everything you need and the houses distinguish them-selves trough their narrow staircases and the absence of elevators due to their almost bib-lical age.

For all gourmets the location of the business and holiday flats is a paradise. In the stone paved “Niederdorfstrasse” you will find one restaurant lined up after another. Whether you’re looking for traditional Swiss dishes like fondue or raclette or any international cui-sine, everybody gets his or her money worth there. In the summer time the winding al-leys are full people. Enjoy this lively and vibrant atmosphere and grab a cocktail or a beer in one of the many bars in the vicinity.

All of our business and holiday flats are within walking distance from the main railway station (“Hauptbahnhof”) (approx. 10 minutes) – cf. section “Letzigrund” for further descriptions – and close to further sightseeing highlights such as the “Frauenmünster”, “Grossmünster” or the ETH and the “Polyterasse”. All those spots are less than 10 minutes away from the furnished vacation rentals and the last one offers you an unique view of the whole city – including the Lake and the Alps in the background. The Lake Zurich can also be reached by following the “Limmatquai” along the river, which is just a 2-minute walk from the fully equipped holiday flats.

To summarize, with the HITrental holiday and business apartments in the “Niederdorf” you can experience the vibe of the Middle Age while being connected with the world.

Seefeld & Kreuzstrasse

The “Seefeld” district (“Kreis 8”) is located next to the sparkling blue waters of Lake Zurich. Starting at the “Opernhaus” (the opera) of Zurich it spreads alongside the Lake. Accordingly it is a very peaceful yet centrally located district. Nowhere you are as close to the heart of the city, since the “Hauptbahnhof” Zurich’s main railway station is just 12 minutes by public transportation (cf. section “Letzigrund”). As an alternative you can take the train from the railway station “Zürich Stadelhofen”. From there you have great connections to Zurich “Oerlikon” and the airport as well as any major city in the north of Zurich (e.g. Winterthur, St. Gallen etc.) or the Lake Constance where the borders of Switzerland, Austria and Germany come together – within five minutes you can visit 3 (!) different countries.

Furthermore many cultural highlights such as the “Kunsthaus” – one of the biggest art museums – the “Schauspielhaus” (Switzerland’s biggest theatre) and the opera are effort-lessly reachable on foot or by tram. Finally the “Niederdorf”, Zurich’s old town, with all its culinary highlights is close by (cf. section “Niederdorf/Schmidgasse”).

In short, you are close to the city center but you have the unique opportunity to take a walk along the Lake (or take a short swim) in the evening and watch the sunset in the hills behind Zurich.

The modern and furnished HITrental business and holiday flats at the Kreuzplatz are close to Zurich’s heart. There is a big city train (“Tram”) station called “Kreuzplatz” just 2 minutes on foot from the holiday flats. From there you have several connections to any part of Zurich and you can reach any sightseeing highlight such as the “Bahnhofstrasse” and “Niederdorf” as well as the “Hauptbahnhof” in less than 10 minutes. Also the rail-way station “Zürich Stadelhofen” is just a few minutes away (cf. section “Letzigrund” and “Seefeld/Kreuzstrasse”).In short, the location and interior of those holiday and business rental leaves nothing to be desired.

Badenerstrasse & Stauffacher

The charming, modern and furnished holiday and business flats at the “Badenerstrasse” boast an excellent location in Zurich’s so called "Kreis 4". Those business and holiday apartments are close to everything important. The "Hauptbahnhof" (the main station) can be reached within 15 minutes by public transportation (cf. section “Letzigrund”). Other sightseeing highlights as the "Niederdorf" (cf. section “Niederdorf/Schmidgasse) or the "Bahnhofstrasse" (the main shopping avenue) are close to the fully equipped holi-day rentals. The same holds for the most vibrant districts of Zurich where all the im-portant companies are situated: Zurich-Altstetten and Oerlikon. Both are effortlessly reachable from the "Zypressenstrasse" station right next to the vacation rentals – and even the airport can be reached within 30 minutes. Finally, just across the main street (80 m) there is a “Coop” supermarket, where you can buy your groceries. Even the “Letzigrund” stadium, where many important concerts and sports event are held, is just a 5-minute drive from the apartment.

The charming yet modern holiday and business apartments at the “Stauffacher” boast a prime location in the middle of Zurich. The apartments are located next to the “Bäckeranlage” park, which is a spot of quietness and green in the middle of a lively and vibrant district the “Kreis 4”. The famous shopping areas like the “Bahnhofstrasse” (cf. section “Letzigrund”) or the old town "Niederdorf" (cf. section “Nieder-dorf/Schmidgasse”) with its many shops and restaurants are only a few minutes away by tram. The apartments are directly accessible by public transport. The nearest “Tram” (city train) station "Helevetiaplatz" is only 150m away – from there you have direct con-nections to the lake and the “Bahnhofstrasse”. The main station in Zurich (cf. section “Letzigrund”) can be reached in about 12 minutes by tram or bus. There are Supermar-kets in the direct vicinity: The “Denner” and “Coop” supermarkets are only 100m away.

Zuerich Oerlikon

The freshly renovated vacation rentals in Zurich Oerlikon are close to the “Zürich Oer-likon” railway (10-minute walk) and the “Sternen Oerlikon” city tram station (5 minutes on foot). The “Hallenstadion” (where many big stars such as Adele have their concerts) and “Messe Zürich” – where the famous “Züspa” – is held are only a 5 minute walk from the furnished flats.

The airport is just a 10-minute drive by train from the railway station and can also be reached by tram, leaving from the station “Sternen Oerlikon”, which is a 3-minute walk from the apartment.

The business apartments are also near to the city center of Zurich and are directly acces-sible by public transportation. Additionally, the flat can be reached from the airport with-in 20 minutes. All the tourist attractions such as the “Grossmünster”, the “Fraumün-ster”, the old part "Niederdorf" or the Lake Zurich can be reached from the holiday apartments within 20 minutes (cf. sections “Niederdorf/Schmidgasse” and “See-feld/Kreuztrasse”). The main railway station “Zürich Hauptbahnhof” is directly reacha-ble by train in about 10 minutes (cf. section “Letzigrund”). The accommodations can also be reached by car but there are no parking spaces provided. However there are some payable parking possibilities next door. Shopping opportunities are in the immediate vicinity.

In short, with the furnished HITrental holiday and business flats you are provided with furnished flats at an excellent location in Zurich most aspiring district, which is well connected to rest of Switzerland (by train) and the world (by plane).